My Review of the Lock Wallet

Lock WalletAlthough it looks like a simple wallet, Lock Wallet secures your ID, as well as debit and credit cards, from potential thieves who can steal your information simply by standing near you.

As a past victim of identity theft, I take every opportunity to prevent this from ever happening again, which is why I jumped at the opportunity to purchase Lock Wallet.

I was skeptical at first, but I’m glad I ended up making the purchase.

I figured I’d write this review to share my experience and inspire others to give it a try.

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How Does Lock Wallet Work?

It’s very simple. In today’s world, thieves can use an electronic scanning device to send a signal to your wallet. This allows them to steal your card information without ever touching the card itself.

The Lock Wallet has built-in radio frequency identification (RFID) protection that blocks these signals and makes it impossible for scammers to “look” inside your wallet and take off with your information.

If you haven’t seen the Lock Wallet commercial yet, check it out below to learn more about how it works:

Pros vs. Cons

When it comes to the Lock Wallet, the pros definitely outweigh the cons.


  • It holds as many as 36 cards and IDs, as well as cash in a separate pocket. With a variety of sections to put your cards in, this wallet makes it easy to stay organized.
  • Thanks to its small, compact, and lightweight design, it can fit in your purse, as well as your pocket.
  • Not only does it have a stylish look, but it is made of a high quality material that is similar to leather. As an added bonus, it is available in three colors: black, brown, and red.
  • The Lock Wallet only costs $10 plus shipping and handling when purchased through the official website.
  • A zipper zips completely around the entire wallet, which offers additional protection.
  • The Lock Wallet has a clear outer holder that is the perfect spot for your ID. There’s no need to even take it out when someone asks to check see it.

Any item has its potential cons and the Lock Wallet is no different. Thankfully, they are few and far between.


  • If you are a woman who prefers to keep your checkbook in the same spot as your cards and ID, you won’t be able to do this with the Lock Wallet.
  • While there are three great color choices, there are no patterns available.

Best Place to Purchase the Lock Wallet?

To ensure that you are getting an actual Lock Wallet and not an imitation product, it is best to make your purchase through the official website.

Don’t forget the deals they offer, as an added bonus:

It comes with a lighted pocket magnifier that fits inside the wallet and makes it easy to see small print.

Also, the manufacturer is offering a second Lock Wallet at no cost, provided you pay the additional shipping and handling cost. (You can put it up for later or give it to someone as a gift. I chose to get one in black and one in brown, so that I can use the one that matches the handbag I am carrying.)

Final Thoughts

The Lock Wallet is a great product. Not only does it look great, but it offers much needed security from anyone trying to steal your credit or debit card information.

Honestly, what more could you want in a wallet?

Why you should purchase the Lock Wallet

lock wallet reviewsIt is officially a fact, the Lock Wallet is not only a superior cardholder, but it also lets you protect all your critical credit card information with fashion and style. It is important to know that nowadays criminals use sophisticated techniques to steal your information even in the protection of your pockets. For this reason, the Lock Wallet comes with an exclusive feature set to help protect all your person details. More so, the highly ergonomic design fits perfectly in your pockets, and it comes with a full zip around design for added protection.


The following are some of the collective advantages of using the Lock Wallet:

Secure RFID protection – perhaps the single most fundamental aspect of the Lock Wallet’s functionality is the inbuilt Radio Frequency Information that uses electromagnetic waves to block out any information-stealing attempts. While your information might be same from conventional pickpockets, it might not be safe from criminals who use electronic devices to scan your all your credit card information.

Ergonomic design – The Lock Wallet features an ergonomic design that can easily fit into your pocket or hands. In addition to enhanced portability, it also has an extensive interior design that can hold as many as thirty-six cards, ids, cash and many more. More so, it is made of high-quality material similar to weather and it is available in three colors including Red, Black and Brown.

Full zip protection and transparent outer ID holder – If a secure RFID is not an incentive to buy the Lock Wallet, then you will appreciate knowing that it also features a Full-zip protection that keeps several of your cards in one organized package. More so, the inclusion of a transparent Outer ID Holder provides you with needed convenience when some asks for your Information.


Overall, when taken together, the Lock wallet comes with an exclusive feature set for those who want superior protection for their personal information. More so, the highly ergonomic design lets you access your stored information with convenience.

The convenience of owning a Lock Wallet

stealing Lock WalletWhen minding your business standing in a long queue with your wallet in front of you, a snooper behind you will look over your shoulder to see what you’re removing from your wallet. But whereas there is no law prohibiting snoopers from doing this, the content of your wallet should remain private. That space should be treated as a private space.

Well, you cannot prevent snoopers from looking over your shoulders. But you can certainly prevent them from stealing the content inside your wallet, by first making use of RDIF blocking wallets that prevent individuals from collecting your credit card, ID, and passport details remotely.

The convenience of walking around with a lock wallet cannot be ignored. It keeps all your documents safe in addition to making you immune from electronic pick-pocketing.

But what are other reasons for purchasing a lock wallet?

(a) The choice of pockets

A standard wallet doesn’t have too many pockets to enable you organize your stuff properly. In fact, if you don’t own a lock wallet right now, then chances are that you’re walking around with a wallet that only has 4-5 pockets at best.

If you’re the kind of person who walks around with several credit cards and other documents, you need a lock wallet that comes with as many pockets as possible to house your stuff.

With so many pockets to use, you can keep those cards in their rightful place without having to mix up things. A lock wallet is simply for those who mind being organized.

(b) Very portable

Portability and compactness is at the center of this kind of wallet. Because such a wallet is meant to be your companion everywhere you go, you should expect it to have a small, compact and portable form factor. This will allow it fit into every purse and pocket that is used with it.

(c) Cute looks

No one loves walking around with an ugly wallet. So if you’re a style-conscious individual, this wallet will serve your needs well as it is built with stylish and durable material which looks similar to leather. In addition to this, they come in various colors to help go with your mood at any particular day.

(d) Built with purpose

And of course like every other good wallet, a lock wallet is built with a clear outer holder for your ID. This ensures that you won’t have to remove your ID when needed. You can just show it when protected inside the wallet.

A lock wallet makes you immune to all the evils that befall those who walk around with usual money/card wallets. You don’t want to be the next victim.

How Lock Wallet will prevent anyone with an RFID reader from skimming your credit card

rfid theft Lock WalletIn the last few decades, wallets have existed in simple choices. You could either go for the bi-fold, tri-fold or clutch options. You could also buy them in leather and synthetic, with or without decorations. However, these days things are going hi-tech. The introduction of RFID technology is making wallet users to worry of falling victims of electronic pick-pocketing.

Hi-tech thieves are generally interested in your personal information because with this data, they can blackmail you, use that information during their illegal missions, or even steal cash from your bank account. Once that information is in their hands, their options are endless.

What Lock Wallet can do for you

A new breed of thieves using electronic pick pocketing is emerging. They use RFID skimming to help them achieve their end.

The idea is, some credit cards, drivers license or passports come embedded with radio frequency identification chips.

In the presence of an RFID reader, information contained in your wallet or anywhere else can be transmitted wirelessly. This means your information can be verified even without removing the wallet from your pocket. Purchases can also be effected without physically removing your credit card from your pocket.

But as good as this technology sounds, anyone having an RFID reader can activate chips in your credit card, driving license and other documents. And in the event that they are sneaky, they won’t tell you about it.

In the past, hackers have made headlines, demonstrating how they use RFID scanner to skim sensitive information on people’s credit cards several feet away. If you’re carrying a wallet that has a passport, they will be able to pick up your name as well as country of origin without getting your attention.

These are serious security concerns that everyone must take precautions against. The only way to deter criminals from skimming your personal information is through using RFID-blocking wallets such as Lock Wallet which impede the signals from being transmitted to unauthorized persons.

Lock wallets make it practically impossible for someone to read your information remotely. Once you zip up your credit cards, ID, passport and other documents inside this wallet, your information will be safe and sound. The only way they can get this information is by getting physical hold of your wallet. At that point, they shall have caught your attention.